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Take Care of Number One

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Take Care of Number One

For driven individuals like us, we have so much going on that some days can feel like we’re on autopilot, arranging our lives right down to the last second. This makes it very difficult to find the time to focus on ourselves. Simply existing day-to-day is far from an ideal way of living.


The good news is that if you’re here reading this, Rijooviness wants you to be proud of yourself for recognizing that you need a lifestyle change. When you invest in yourself, it is the most selfish yet selfless act you could ever afford yourself, and those around you – because if you aren’t functioning at your peak, you can’t uplift and empower others.


That’s why Rijooviness has developed several online lifestyle programs that we encourage you to explore. Each of our programs works on addressing a specific area, and they’re nothing short of life-changing.

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Restore Detox Programs

What You Put in = What You Get Out

Are you achy, agitated, and sleep-deprived? You may want to consider the Rijooviness Restore Detox Program, which is proven to cleanse, energize, and harmonize the body.

The way you feel and the way you think are inextricably linked, and the first step to “living the life you love, in the body you love to live in” is to tackle this head-on by understanding HOW you’re living.

How and when are you eating? What are you drinking? Are you nourishing and cleansing yourself in a way that is best for your body? Very often, on-the-go lifestyles don’t lend themselves well to the healthiest habits. This can leave us feeling depleted, and, at times, a little despondent.

The Rijooviness Restore Detox Program are offered in person, or on-line and offers a personalized tailored approach to suit YOUR lifestyle, needs and personality type.

This includes one or a combination of the following…

  • 7-day cleanse
  • 3-day juice or water fast
  • 21-day juice or water fast


You’ll be guided and encouraged by your program facilitator throughout the process while gaining access to all the resources you need to kickstart your detox and new lifestyle.

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Immunity Programs

How Is Your Environment Affecting You?

From painkillers and standard household detergents to electronics and cosmetics, even the bed you sleep on, air and water quality, what we’re exposed to can make (and keep) us sick and stressed, and can even cause rapid weight fluctuations. All of this has a dramatic impact on your overall quality of life, but armed with the right tools, we can do something about it!


The Rijooviness Immunity Program aligns your environment with your health priorities, and it is one of the single most important lifestyle changes you can make. We at Rijooviness will work with you to make sure you get the very best from this program, including money-saving advice for products and services and natural lifestyle remedies.


To get you started, you’ll be welcomed to our live private or group meeting. Throughout the program, we’ll hold 4 live weekly calls and 2 personal 1:1 consultations. You’ll also be added to our private social media group with an all-access pass to join us at special members-only events. An added benefit to help you relax, refocus, and get in the zone are our meditation classes.


As part of the program, you’ll also receive the following resources…

  • The Be You! book
  • 10 Vital Keys booklet
  • Vitamin & Mineral booklet
  • Healthy Home booklet
  • Superfoods guide

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Transform Program

Your Present Situation Is Not Your Final Destination

The Rijooviness Transform Program is centered on transformative thinking, feeling, and acting to overhaul your lifestyle. At Rijooviness, we also refer to this as our Ultimate Results-Oriented Program – because it’s not your typical diet and fitness plan, motivational course, or anything even remotely similar.


The Rijooviness Transform Program is a multi-award-winning holistic system that focuses on addressing and meeting ALL your needs, including your emotional and physical health, fitness, and nutrition. This also factors in your lifestyle, relationships, environment, and several other aspects influencing your overall lifestyle goals.


The Transform Program is fully personalized and incorporates all aspects of your life that work to take care of number one. The program is tailored around your unique personality, current lifestyle, and professional ambitions – all so you can lead a happier, more balanced, and more fulfilled life.


We start the program with a private welcome phone call to discuss your specific goals and needs. This way, we can start creating a roadmap to help you achieve the results you want to see.


The Transform Program incorporates live private and personalized coaching, weekly group calls and access to the Iron Mind Online Live Event. We also provide you with several Rijooviness resources, including our popular Exercises That Don’t Feel Like Exercises Guide, among others, that help you rebalance and nurture an optimal lifestyle.

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Love Programs

Forging Happy, Healthy, Harmonious Relationships

Humans are social creatures by nature, and our relationships are both figuratively and literally at the heart of our well-being. When our relationships are healthy, balanced, and reciprocal, we are much happier. However, when we experience a degree of imbalance or are engaged in a toxic relationship, we can be thrown seriously off-kilter.

The beauty of our relationships is that every single one is different. No two relationships can be the same, because the dynamic that exists between individuals is unique only to them. In understanding this better, Rijooviness has created a powerful series in the form of its Love Programs.

There’s a wide range of dynamics between couples. This differs from the dynamic between parents and their children, or even children and their siblings. Rijooviness explores all the complexities within our relationships that influence how each situation plays out with the other party. This includes…

  • Pre-couples
  • Couples support/repair
  • Pre-family
  • Pre-baby
  • Family training
  • Family retraining
  • HealthyRHome

In our relationships, that which we understand we can influence to have favorable win-win outcomes. Until then, it’s a zero-sum game. What do you choose?

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Business Programs

Lifestyle Tactics for High-Powered Pros

At Rijooviness, we see it often – those in the greatest need of lifestyle changes are in high-powered positions with no end in sight. They feel trapped by the sheer load of responsibility they need to manage day in and day out, and it can be overwhelming at the best of times.


There are two segments to our Business Programs. The first is the 3-month Inferno Program, which starts with a private welcome call to discuss your specific goals and needs. Rijooviness also provides you with…

  • 12 personal mentor calls
  • Mentoring support
  • Nutritional program and products
  • Personalized fitness program
  • Work-life balance strategies
  • Brand and styling consultation
  • And more!


The Ultimate Business Lifestyle by Design 1-Year MasterMind Membership is far more intensive, and this is where we work with you for a year, spending time with you over 12 months to understand everything you do, need and want to achieve. We’ve seen remarkable results from this lifestyle program, and for those in need of change, enhancement or reset, Rijooviness CAN and WILL make a difference!

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