Rijooviness Retreat

12 Vital Keys Guaranteed to develop Your perfect health, happiness & success strategy

Whether your goals are to eliminatechronicissues, achieve yourperfect body weight,take control of yourhealthand your lifeorgenerally feel morefulfilled,clear, balanced,energized, andalive;what youwillexperiencein this retreatwill guide and support youtocompletely restoreand enhance yourbody & mindand keepthemthat way,long term.

Repair. Rebuild. Recharge & Re-connect!

Among our clients

Are you tired of the same old retreats, events, therapies and results?*
Are you yearning for an immersive experience fully focused on you?*
Is your soul calling for change?*
Are you ready to learn the simple little tweaks and adjustments that will make massive improvements to your mind, body and lifestyle?*

Provides a Solution:

Supporting your immune systemand creating a vibrant body & mind involves far more than justa generic detox, a group yoga class, how you fuel your body,how often you exercise or talking with the right counsellor or coach.

Thephysical & emotional memories held inbody and mind, combined with beliefs, life choices and environments are THE keyfactors that affect your immune system.

Feel like You have always wanted to, and maintain that long term…..

Our Be You Holistic Retreat are customized specifically forYOU, to Rest, Restore & Reconnect to Self 

Dreaming of some quality ME-Time, to rest deeply, eatwell, walk in nature, by the sea or stay in our bubble and be nurtured. Rest, relax and just BE!

Ideal for the solotraveler, couples or groups wishing to re-connect, to create harmony, clarity and measurable results in all areas of life. Stop suffering from stress, burnout, overwhelm, chronic pain, injuries, weight issues, depression, addiction or exhaustion. 

Our Wellness Bubble is for You! 

Imagine, time out with your very own supportive, holistic coaches puttingyour needs first.


Choose from a variety of holistic modalities, body repair & treatments, customized specifically for YOU!

What You Get during this 7-day retreat:

De-stress, unwind and immerse yourselfin a peaceful stress eliminationretreat in idyllic locations. We’ve selected the best programs to reenergizeyour body and mind. Our programs include options of coaching, mentorship,training programs, hands on therapies, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama andAyurveda alongside with holistic therapies and medical consultation.

We recommend tailor-made supportive emotional therapies, designed forthose who need to escape from busy schedules, recharge, renew andrebalance their mind, body and spirit.

This unique7-day retreat will gently guide through and implement the multi-Award-Winning 12 vital keys to develop and maintain a healthy body & mind, enhancing all aspects of your life.

Experience extraordinary activities and therapies while learning the techniques celebrities, world leaders and Royal Families consistently claim are “The BEST of the best!” 

Our professionally educated, trained & passionate team will be with you through the easy to implement steps to improve performance at work, at home, and everywhere else in your life. Everything affects everything, and you will be surprised by how the small choices you made every day impact on all aspects your life, the results achieved and how you live. Those choices affect your mental health, your physical health, your weight, your relationships, your performance at work, and how you feel about yourself; which inturn can affect how you enjoy life, how much money you earn, or whether you get that relationship, new job or promotion you’ve been aiming for.

10 Goals You Will Achieve:

The following 3 day example could be the start to a customized Retreat Pro gram:


─ Morning fitness, yoga &/or meditation -Discover how to guide your body to dowhat you want and need it to.

“Open problem” Discovery – Mentorship & Coaching to develop the rightstrategies and processes required toeasily achieve what you really want, fasterand easier than ever, no matter what you have tried in the past.

Body Wisdom: This“amazing”4 hands, 2.5-hoursession is specifically developed to Reconnect with Yourself! Each experience, memory, injury,belief, attitude, idea, thought, and decisionthat you have fixed in place solidifies the energy your body & mind work in, and therefore limits your capacity to be generative in those areas or change the old. The purpose of the Body Wisdom sessions are to clear those points and to allow you to create what you want, by your design.

Activities/excursions -customised for your wants and needs.

VIP activity/therapy


─ Morning fitness, yoga  &/ormeditation 

Module 2: How tousestressas a superpower,The power of internal and externalenvironments, Fuelling your body and mind, and exercise that don’t feel like exercises. 

─ Activities-customised for you.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: This is a deeply relaxing therapeutic massage which helps your body get rid of toxins, reduce water retention, improve skin texture and boost your immune system.

VIP activity/therapy


─ Morning fitness, yoga &/or meditation

Module 3: Support systems and Coaching 

Activities -customised for you.

CrystalPower: Energy & Crystal treatments are an scientifically based strategy sessions –based on our 4 hands treatment that clears and restores the bodies lifeforce energy to improve the overall energy flow and health of the body and mind, while activating our innate healing nature. 

─ VIP activity/therapy   

Are you ready to recharge?

For those who are really ready to step aw ay from the norm, to jump out of the same old, to live the extr aordinary lif e that you love, in a body you love t o live in; the time is now and your opportunity is here.

What is included in the retreat?

─ 5* Accommodation
─ Private Airport or Hotel pick up
─ Welcome healthy drink upon arrival & introduction
─ Relaxing massage to calm the body after travelling
─ Personal wellness consultations, services & programs
─ Daily healthy meals
─ Daily access to multiple Therapies, Treatments & Coaching
─ 2 hrs of personalised Body &/or Face Wisdom session per day
─ Personalised Beauty treatments
─ Daily Anti-aging & health empowerment sessions
─ Private fitness, yoga, meditation sessions
─ Endless opportunities for excursions & experiences
─ Personalised mentoring & Coaching sessions
─ Free quiet time to unwind

Optional VIP package:

What is included:

What is excluded:

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