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“Leaders know time is money, efficiency is key and measurable results a must.”

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Global businesses can have premium products and game-changing services in their offerings, However, even the best service or inventory can’t compete without your audience’s attention. Since 1986 our corporate consultants have been creating Extra-Ordinary results, consistently growing new revenue streams, and compelling stories, while guiding clients to elite levels of performance, respect and decision-making.

Professional teams, Global locations, Powerful networks, World class Partners plus real world – Hands on experience since 1986 ensures World Class services and Results, Guaranteed!

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Having supported & Mentored many global Brands & industry Leaders, helping develop projects around the World, while ensuring the leaders and their staff maintain the highest levels of mental and physical performance, ensure EXTRA-Ordinary Results, every time!

Global Leaders know time is money, efficiency is key and measurable results a must.

Our clients consistently rate Rijooviness as “The Best of the Best!”

  • The Mandarin Oriental London & NYC
  • Claridge’s Hotel
  • P&O Cruise lines
  • Cunard Cruise Lines
  • QE2, SS Canberra
  • The Berkeley Hotel
  • The Shilla Hotel in Seoul
  • Gleneagles and Turnberry Hotel and Spa
  • Hoar Cross Hall
  • Ragdale Hall UK
  • Sandy Lane Hotel and Spa in Barbados
  • Sisley
  • Espa
  • MAXX4
  • Steiner
  • Elemis
  • Guinot & United Distillers
  • W Hotels
  • Sutton Place Hotel Group
  • Beond Detox Centers
  • Starwood Capital
  • Ernst and young
  • Estée Lauder
  • Mary K
  • SH Hotels & Resorts
  • St Georges Hotel
  • Langham Place London
  • The Cairn Group
  • The Treehouse Brand
  • Palisades extended Stay
  • Fairmont Hotels
  • Westin Hotels
  • Space NK
  • Les Cles d’Or
  • The Sutton Place Hotel
  • Westin Bayshore Resort
  • The Hotel PropertyTeam (THPT)
  • Island Innovation Ambassadors Program
  • The British Royal Family
  • Selfridges
  • Harrods
  • Simply Organic
  • Elemis Place Hotel Group
  • Westin Bayshore
  • Fairmont Gold Hotel
  • Metropolitan Hotel Group
  • Palisades Extended Stay
  • Terminal City Clubs
  • Clarins

With over 70 years of passion and real world experience in inspiring and helping persons and brands birth new possibilities, Reg Lenney and his partner, Sue Alexander are The Lifestyle Architects – Founders of Rijooviness who consistently help individuals, groups, brands and companies to improve drastically and increase their all round value, and maintain growth and improvements long term.

Their professionally trained & passionate team of expert will be with you through the easy to implement steps to improve your performance at work, at home, and everywhere else in your life.

At Rijooviness, we don’t just approach issues on the surface but rather make a holistic approach, beginning from the root causes of those issues as we administer professional solutions that are results-oriented.

We know that everything affects everything and you will be surprised by how the little decisions you make every day impact on all aspects your life, the results you achieve and how you live. Your choices affect your mental health, your physical health, your weight, your relationships, your performance at work, and how you feel about yourself; which in turn can affect how you enjoy life, how much money you earn, the connections you make, the opportunities that come to you, or whether you get that relationship, new job or promotion, or lifestyle you’ve been aiming for.

Industry-leading brands trust our expertise.

Our success record extends to some of the most prominent and cutting-edge organizations worldwide – Why?

The perspective and insight behind our consultants offer an innovative approach to strengthening performance, creating sustainability, and equipping you to face the challenges of modern business. We’re a robust resource for your business growth.

Hundreds of clients have enjoyed our results, where we consistently:

  • Increase revenue streams
  • Grow a loyal, sustainable customer base
  • Give brands a compelling overhaul that intrigues audiences.
  • Streamline productivity and workflow
  • Create a more robust team ready to face business challenges

Engage more, adding decades of experience to your targets.

Through our Life-Style & Mentorship opportunities, we add an instant injection of nearly four decades of Professional Training and Services, Real Life & Business experience into your repertoire. Reach your goals and beyond with Multi – Award Winning Professional Consultants that understand how to work with and overcome obstacles, initiate successful growth campaigns, and enhance your workplace culture.

“We make achieving more easy, straightforward and an obtainable venture.” Let’s discuss your next phase of success.

Every business story has its inflection points. We lay the groundwork to ensure you come out of your challenges in the most favorable light.

Get in touch with our consultants today to see an instant transformation of your business for the better. See the desired growth and results only the most experienced business personnel bring.

Let’s identify your market potential, enhance your brand, and see your revenue streams soar.

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