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At Rijooviness the focus is to support hoteliers with generating multiple revenue streams, new ways to think, evolve your customer base and ensure your on-line and off-line brand presence turn into income. “Creating unique and powerful BRANDS is where the real fun and financial success is.”

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Who Will Do What For You, as Hoteliers: Ever heard of the word Rijooviness?
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With almost 70 years of passion and real world experience in inspiring brands, such as Espa, W Hotels, Sutton Place Hotel Group, Westin Bayshore, Ernst & Young, Fairmont Gold Hotel, Metropolitan Hotel Group, Palisades Extended Stay, Terminal City Clubs, and many others are witness to how Reg Lenney and his partner Sue Alexander have helped these brands and companies to improve their brand and increase their value. Equally they work alongside private elite groups and individuals that prefer confidentiality to consistently evolve their brand value. They also support global concierge services such as Les Clefs d’Or and high-end travel operators.


So What Is It: At Rijooviness the focus is to support hoteliers with generating multiple revenue streams, new ways to think, evolve your customer base and ensure your on-line and off-line brand presence turn into income. “Creating unique and powerful BRANDS is where the real fun and financial success is.”


The Magic: The passion and fun is in the uniqueness of the owners, the locations, the cultures, and the brand opportunities. From there anything is possible. You are unique, as are your goals and needs. Sue and Reg work with the individuals who own the property first, to get very clear on the individual behind the business. It’s not just a matter of filling space, creating environments and selling rooms, the long term and big financial rewards come from creating unique experiences and engaging the guests long term. Bringing out the core goals and needs of the business, and the preferred clientele, is what creates businesses talked about and admired globally.


Rijooviness ensures everything from environments, experiences, products and services are custom designed to consistently engage and excite your clientele throughout their journey with you, after they leave you, and their next trip back to you.


Their passion is the little things, because Everything affects Everything….. whether that is our bodies, our homes, our environment, the people we surround ourselves with and who represents our businesses, and how we spend our time and where…Its always the little details, the emotions, feelings, memories and experiences.


Their principles are based on the multi-award winning Ten Vital Keys System to support, transform and innovate the inner and outer environment.


Their brand Rijooviness concept “Living the life you love in the body you love to live in” is at the core of the essence with an orientation to the hotel and hospitality industry.


Reg and Sue have transformed the Hospitality industry by increasing revenue opportunities businesses can generate, and the experiences guests tell all their friends about. They evolve and guide your vision to higher and more sophisticated levels, custom designing your environment, products and services better suited to a new generation of clients with much higher expectations and needs. A claim backed by their combined armoury of a multitude of relevant disciplines and a collective experience of almost seventy years in this sector.



How Are They Different: When meeting with ‘Consultants’ , everyone is going to tell you they have the best connections, ideas, strategies, experience, the best response times and the best people and training….


How do you rank vendors when they are all the same on paper?

How are we better? One word.




How can your business be far better than your competitors and easily attract your perfect clientele?


It is through your own unique personalities, perceptions, goals, internal processes that you are more effective and efficient in providing your guests with an experience they are excited to share.


You can offer a superior service and/or product because you have spent years building these procedures and expect customers to pay more for your expertise.


We make sure that you are running your business as a revenue generating machine; efficient and productive, taking full advantage of all the opportunities your clients want, without dealing with unseen surprises that could potentially kill your revenue or possibly put you out of business.


Working with you on a regular basis, we stay on top of how others perceive you, your opportunities, technology, services and “Brand Value”, improving weaknesses, and ultimately making your business more successful and enjoyable.


Taking You and Your company from Great to Exceptional.


They work with both new-build or existing environments that are ripe for updating, re-inventing, and restoring to a new level of highly marketable perfection. Tailoring the team, rooms and general ambience to the needs of your chosen demographic, right down to the air quality, water quality, energy flow, custom designed services and of course the quality of your pillows.


They work across several sectors of the operation from creation of the Ultimate Spa or to an entire building that needs direction, be it a hotel or a private residency. And if necessary, ensuring that the heritage, history and culture of the local community are fully incorporated into the project.


Working with every element on your behalf, including local governments, tour operators, local communities and professionals to ensure that all amenities are accommodated is also key to their concept. From selecting the right teams of Concierge, Private Butlers to Doctors, Therapists and Specialists to incredible “once in a lifetime” experiences, trips, excursions and cultural appreciation. From private jets to exciting courses, team building, and corporate events, lifestyle and special occasions are tailored and bespoke as are their custom treatment designs and team training systems.


Vital to your brand is your team and how they represent and interact with your guests.

Who Are They: Sue Alexander, with over 36 years of industry experience in concept, design, implementation, management and training; Sue has a wealth of unique talent, knowledge and experience in the exceptional. From sales and marketing to development & implementation; with brand names such as Sisley, Espa, Simply Organic, Steiner, Space NK, Clarins, Elemis, Guinot and United Distillers.


Sue ensures extra ordinary levels of overview, delivery, services, advanced therapy training and health and wellbeing of both therapist practitioners and guests. Brands and well-known names such as; The British Royal Family, Selfridges, Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, celebrities, professional athletes, and corporate executives, all excel with Sue on their team.


Having worked on many Spa projects around the World; including the Mandarin Oriental London & NYC, Claridge’s Hotel, The Berkeley Hotel, The Shilla Hotel in Seoul, Gleneagles and Turnberry Hotel and Spa, both in Scotland, Hoar Cross Hall, Ragdale Hall UK, and the initial team launch for Sandy Lane Hotel and Spa in Barbados. Sue has a passion for creating the perfect environment and location for exclusive and demanding clients.


As a teacher in many disciplines, speaker and trainer, Sue is also a high standard professional in therapies and strategies, Paris trained and with a passion to improve all areas of an individual’s body and life. Sue loves to consistently upgrade her skills and techniques through research and training around the world; She specialises in Balinese, ancient Indian, Hawaiian and European disciplines; which have resulted in her brand designs now established in today’s marketplace, allowing her to design incredible treatment experiences for potential guests and clients.


Product concepts, research, design and implementation, through to treatment design and development; high-end destination spas, resorts, hotels, and private service facilities offering emporiums of natural holistic health experiences, take their businesses to exceptional levels through the researching and designing of bespoke product lines and an array of products sourced from all over the world. Cutting edge technology and philosophies, combined with numerous holistic practices that have won much global acclaim, is a vital part of Sue’s services, have been written about in top magazines and the Worldwide Beauty Press.

Sue also co-created and co-owned the largest organic on-line delivery company in the UK, Simply Organic. An overnight success, as the UK awoke to food being our medicine.

Sue partnered her organic farm and certified production facility in Somerset, including delicious, healthy food, organic clothing, natural products, and environment enhancing strategies, all which arrived on the doorsteps of homes, health food shops, prestigious department stores and to elite clients such as The Royal Family, which created an entire new industry that has changed the lives of the entire country.

Some quotes from our guests:


Susan Sarandon “Thank you for changing my life”


Al Pacino “Your training program and bodywork made physically challenging work so much easier… I feel great!”


Pierce Brosnan “Reg, there are many claiming to be healers, there are many wanting to be healers, you are one of the few True Healers.”


Patrick Stewart “You are truly amazing!”

Reg is a passionate visionary with incredible knowledge and wisdom. His unique talents ensures his team and partners excel under his mentorship. Reg helps others to see their magnificence and guides them to be their best and to develop their natural “super powers” He ensures a first class experience on every level and his exemplary services, which are repeatedly called on by top sports and entertainment personalities, including Hollywood stars, corporate luminaries and even royal family members, who all know the importance of maintaining extra ordinary levels of mental and physical performance, providing extraordinary and all-encompassing mentoring, coaching, consulting and training.


“Retaining Reg was the best thing I ever did, the cost of his services was earned back one hundred thousand-fold, the consequences of trying to save a buck and not investing in myself was devastating not only to every aspect of my life and business but also to my family’s life”



Since 1986 Reg has been providing the original and top-rated “Result Oriented” online and one-to-one professional, corporate, health and lifestyle programs on the planet, incorporating his “10 vital keys to ultimate health and success” ™.


“As a coach, my intention is to save my clients time, money, frustration and energy; ensuring the fee’s paid for our support will pay for themselves quickly and effectively in multiple ways and multiple areas of life, while helping clients to create long-term success and consistent improvement through all aspects of life.”


“Client testimonials, at the time of experiencing the changes are exciting, but what really excites me is years after this kind of testimony, to witness clients so far beyond this success that their life, body, health, relationships, overall life Fulfilment, happiness, and financial success, is so far beyond this it’s hard to believe it was the same person….”


Internationally known as ‘The Health Concierge’, Reg is The multi-award winning executive coach, speaker, author, trainer, mentor, educator, analyst and lifestyle Instructor.

Reg was one of the first key innovators working alongside Starwood Capital to develop key strategies to expand the hospitality industry.


Reg’s passion for eliminating chronic issues, enhancing lives, and creating memorable and profitable experiences that excites his clients has taken him around the world. His love for humanity and sharing has driven him to create unique and powerful strategies and systems that continue to improve and enhance the wellness world and major international companies and brands.


As a creator and developer of over 40 online and in-person courses, events, retreats, workshops and training strategies, Reg’s clients and students consistently take their health, life and businesses to entirely new levels. One of Reg’s Super Powers is to custom design bespoke training programs, events and leadership strategies that are branded to the company’s identity.


Reg Lenney’s key contribution and the collaboration between Starwood Capital and SH Hotels and Resorts led St Georges Hotel, Langham Place London, owned by the Cairn Group, to be transformed into the iconic Treehouse brand. A new innovative and witty brand that has brought a new ‘kind’ of hospitality to the hotel industry.


‘Partnering with an industry pioneer is an honour for us and aligns exceptionally well with our mindset of innovation and striving to raise the experience of our guests to new heights’ said a director at Cairn Group

The 1 Hotel Brooklyn NYC, sister hotel to the new 1 Hotel opening in Mayfair in 2022


In the early 1980’s Reg saw a vital service missing in the hotel market. Many people were checking into specific hotels due to their advertised “Spa and wellness” services. What was happening is these services were only available to a few in the hotel, due to a limited number of therapy rooms and or staff. It was also clear that many of the “professional staff” were poorly trained or simply very new in the industry. Often a hotel would charge far above average fees for a massage or beauty treatment, the guest would expect higher then normal quality and service due to the brand reputation of the hotel, only to be let down and often times extremely disappointed with the low quality of the experience, The results were many disappointed guests, huge revenue opportunities lost to the hotel, and damage to the brand reputation.

This is where the MobileExcape concept was born. Reg approached hotels with the offer of providing professional health, wellness and beauty treatments in the rooms, 24/7, this eliminated the therapy room space issue.

Along with the in-room services, Reg developed a complete training program for the existing spa and beauty staff, coaching, guiding and training them to understand the services expected and the experience necessary to match the brand of the hotel.


“This was a powerful and financially rewarding opportunity for all involved.”


Now guests arriving late, after the spa was closed or booked solid, as well as all other guests in the hotel were able to receive top quality health and beauty services 24/7, whether it be right in their room, or in the hotel spa.


It turned out that the guests and hotel staff loved the idea. There were noticeable improvements and revenue income, and the hotels improved their brand and increased their value. This concept has now spread around the world.


Here is what a few hotels had to say:


“I would like to share The Sutton Place Hotel Concierge business relationship with the
mobileexcape Massage Services. Since 1999 they have provided the service that the Concierge of a Five Diamond hotel is proud to use. They are always prompt to respond and willing to accommodate guests needs. They have proven to be a professional organisation that excels in the field of Therapy and customer service, we highly recommend him for all of our VIP guests.

Our guest’s positive comments speak to the professional and caring treatments given. I have referred the mobileexcape to my Concierge colleagues at other hotels and all of them say the same about them. I would and do recommend this company to anyone who needs treatments day or night. Most of my clients’ requests are always last minute and the mobileexcape is always willing to do treatments no matter what time of the day. As a Concierge, we want to fulfill our guests every need, the mobileexcape helps us make this possible.” said Miguel Knudson, Concierge the Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver and Director Les Cles d’Or British Columbia.


I would confidently recommend the mobileexcape to anyone. Please feel free to contact us if you require more information.” said Emily Urata, Concierge the Westin Bayshore Resort & Marina Vancouver BC Extended Stay Vancouver BC

Palisades Extended Stay: “I have known Reg for several years now (since 1986) and I feel he is still to this day the most amazing and charismatic person I have ever met!


I introduced Reg to our high profile guests in the film, corporate, music and sports industries, all on high demand and of late notice. Reg has never let me down, not even once, over the years. In fact, when I had gotten calls late at night or even early mornings at my personal residence from production companies, I could phone Reg and he would always pull through for me. He has been a personal savior. I even have my regular guests that come in from Florida every year and they make sure that Reg knows that they are coming into town and they require his services.” Bonne Rehmke, Chief Concierge Palisades Extended Stay Vancouver BC

…and we could continue.

If you feel your hotel could do with a top-to-toe review and practical recommendations as to how to transfer your property from ordinary….to the best-in-class call us at THPT and we’ll introduce you to Reg & Sue.



Rijooviness working together with The Hotel Property Team (THPT), a small group of highly experienced business professionals. Between us, we provide a range of skills and experience which is directly relevant to those involved in the hotel property market.

Some of the brands we served:

If you want to empower your life, family, company, team or your brand value and restore purpose and passion to be the best version of yourself with clarity and measurable results in all areas of life, then this is for you!

Professional Teams, Global Locations, Powerful Networks, World Class Partners plus real world – Hands on experience since 1986 ensures World Class services and dramatic Results, Guaranteed!

Having supported & Mentored many individuals and global Brands & industry Leaders, helping develop projects around the World, while ensuring the leaders and their staff maintain the highest levels of mental and physical performance, ensure EXTRA-Ordinary Results, every time!

Leaders know time is money, efficiency is key and measurable results a must.

Our clients consistently rate Rijooviness as “The Best of the Best!”

Industry-leading brands trust our expertise.

Our success record extends to some of the most prominent and cutting-edge organizations worldwide – Why?

The perspective and insight behind our consultants offer an innovative approach to strengthening performance, creating sustainability, and equipping you to face the challenges of modern business. We’re a robust resource for your business growth.

Hundreds of clients have enjoyed our results, where we consistently:

  • Increase revenue streams
  • Grow a loyal, sustainable customer base
  • Give brands a compelling overhaul that intrigues audiences.
  • Streamline productivity and workflow
  • Create a more robust team ready to face business challenges

Engage more, adding decades of experience to your targets.

Through our Life-Style & Mentorship opportunities, we add an instant injection of nearly four decades of Professional Training and Services, Real Life & Business experience into your repertoire. Reach your goals and beyond with Multi – Award Winning Professional Consultants that understand how to work with and overcome obstacles, initiate successful growth campaigns, and enhance your workplace culture.

“We make achieving more easy, straightforward and an obtainable venture.” Let’s discuss your next phase of success.

Every business story has its inflection points. We lay the groundwork to ensure you come out of your challenges in the most favorable light.

Get in touch with our consultants today to see an instant transformation of your business for the better. See the desired growth and results only the most experienced business personnel bring.

Let’s identify your market potential, enhance your brand, and see your revenue streams soar.

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