Body Wisdom Program

The Multi-Award-Winning Experience Designed by Reg Lenney - This unique and very personalized Full-Body journey can only be explained by experiencing it. Re-connecting you with your body, guides you to the awareness of how your body functions. Many benefits could include: Injury repair, organ balancing, energy balancing, structural alignment, scar tissue repair, pre- or post-surgery support, accident recovery, chronic issues, lymphatic drainage, and more.

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Working with the physical body, using multiple modalities and techniques, ensures the body is first aligned in the gravity field. A combination of 33+ years training, research and hands on practice has developed a technique that our clients claim to “Awakening an Awareness” they never knew before. Learning how to live in and control the body, rather than trying to deal with it, or get out of it, changes everything. The knowledge and awareness of choice and environment, together with the physical re-connecting with the body, creates powerful, regenerating and exciting results. 

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This amazing therapy is a great alternative to cosmetic surgery and can be done alongside Beauty Treatments, Facials, Earthstone Therapy, Reiki, Body Wisdom and more. Minimum 4 sessions allow 11/2hrs per session