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« Everything affects everything »



Whether you want to earn more money, become healthier than ever before, or find the love of your life, Our science-based – Multi Award Winning Services will show You how to use your “emotional computer” to have it all.



Everything effects everything.


You know how some people waste endless energy, time and money learning how to live with or continually deal with aches, pain, fear, overwhelm, addictions & depression, weight issues, stress issues and so much more; the “same old” attempts, resulting in the same old disappointments and failures. 


Rather than dealing with it, wasting more time, or simply giving up and see how it works out, We help you to develop your own customized strategies & processes that will specifically fit your needs and lifestyle. 


We ensure You work directly with the right coaches and mentors to ensure “The Fastest and easiest way to achieve your goals, and maintain them long term, Guaranteed!”


If your frustrated with generic courses, programs or services that are not working for your specific needs and goals, our Multi Award Winning 12 Vital Keys to Ultimate Health & Wealth is your opportunity to be guided through our unique strategies and processes developed over 35 years of working with professional sport athletes, corporate executives, celebrities & Royal family clients from around the world. 




Here’s some of what you will be guided through:


  • The Power, and MUST of Being the real YOU!
  • 3 easy steps to take control of Everything!
  • Ensuring you brain is getting what it needs to be balanced, clear & powerful.
  • The reason why you must first gain clarity and focus on your goals before you can achieve them.
  • How you can use “The Science of Motivation” that guarantees you’ll achieve your goals. Every. Single. Time.
  • How to use the S+T+T process to simplify your goals so you will automatically do what you need to do
  • Loose unwanted excess weight, without a DIET!
  • Reconnect with Your Body, eliminate all that is no longer serving you, to leave the past in the past.
  • Why old-school personal development & goal-setting techniques can sabotage your success and what new research shows us to do instead
  • How to expand the mind & skills, to become a master of change & fulfillment, rather that a master of disappointment
  • How to attract high level clients and provide transformational services, while increasing revenue streams and brand value, no matter what business you are in.
  • How Rijooviness can enhance Your Brand, to expand your global reach and partnership opportunities, fast tracking growth and positive results
  • Our 100% money back Guarantee!



Contact us Now for the no obligation Discovery Call, and we will send you Instant Access to Your High Performance Guide; for when “down times” are not an option! 


PLUS more…


Just for sharing Your time with us, we will send You A Kindle or Downloadable copy of Reg’s newest book; BE YOU! The Strategic Guide To The Ultimate Natural You


Along with The High performance guide for when down time is not an option




Your Healthy Home Guide




Thirteen 1-Minute Life Hacks that will change your life


Schedule you’re no obligation call with us now, we look forward to helping you to Live the Life You Love, in the Body You Love to Live in, while creating Your Perfect Life by Your Design.


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Sue & Reg


The Guarantee of Rijooviness is to save you, our clients, time, money, energy and frustration.
Benefits will appear quickly and effectively in multiple aspects of your life,
creating long term success and consistent improvements.



Based on The 12 Vital Keys:


    • Beliefs 
    • Body Wisdom & Therapy
    • Nutrition
    • Detoxify
    • Fitness
    • Lifestyle
    • Home/ Office Environment
    • Relationships
    • Wealth Health
    • Maintenance
    • Support
    • Mentoring & Coaching


join us now and experience what ‘000’s already know.


View a short video to hear what some clients have to say: https://youtu.be/74K_u_22dWc


Anthony Prior “Awesome, Powerful, In-­‐Tune. 


Susan Sarandon “Thank you for changing my life – You are Great!” 


Al Pacino “Thank you for traveling with me. Your training program and bodywork made physically challenging work so much easier… I feel great!” 


Pierce Brosnan “Reg, there are many claiming to be healers, there are many wanting to be healers, you are one of the few True Healers. Here’s to life and the hands that heal, 


Patrick Stewart “Thank you for all your help. You are truly amazing!” 


Mel Harris “You are the one with magic hands and energizing smile!” 


Maria Bello “Reg, to my favorite healer and friend, all my love” 


Jason Brown “Your Holistic Coaching Program is the best I’ve seen, you are what other massage therapists strive to be. I feel 18 again” 


Hugh Jackman “Thanks mate. You are a true healer and the best of the best!” 


Halle Berry “I believe! I have never experienced such complete relief and immediate results; you are a true healer” 


Gerard Butler “Reg, thanks for healing these scars and being a friend, best wishes.” 


Gary Sinise “Thank you so much for all your help and support. My wife and I were truly impressed with your professionalism and the results we experienced.” 


and we could go on…..


Together Sue Alexander & Multi – Award Winning Mentor Reg Lenney; rated as “the Best of the best” by the likes of Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Pierce Brosnan, Al Pacino, Susan Sarandon, Gerald Butler, and many other celebrities, professional sport athletes, corporate executives, Royal Family’s & Corporate Brands from around the world, will guide and support you through the most efficient and effective ways to achieve your goals faster and easier than ever before, Guaranteed!


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